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Portfolio Management

Barter Capital & Research is focused firmly on 'one Pillar' i.e. 'Value Investing', and the PMS rendered by us are guided by an investment philosophy that is highly disciplined and process centric which strike a perfect balance between capital protection and return maximization consistently across market cycles.

We provide a fair non-discretionary to discretionary investment approach according to need of PMS client.

At Barter Capital & Research, our dedicated PMS relationship managers provides you with the professional touch for continuous monitoring and churning of your portfolio. This will be done on the basis of our strong research driven investment process. The periodical statements and hassle free operations are key to the transparent and reliable PMS.

  • PMS is a complex yet so simplified investment product suitable for those investors
  • Who have a fairly large Indian equities/debt portfolio and find it difficult to manage.
  • Who have enough exposure in MFs and looking for a different and good investment option
  • Who have sizable ESOPs.
  • Who appreciate a high level of personalized service

The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients who can be Individuals or Institutions whose minimum investment criteria is Rs 10 Lacs.

To create a financial plan with suitable PMS for you, we strongly recommend you to take advantage of our PMS counselor. To register for 'Free counseling' please click here. (link send to Inquiry Form)

Though, we are a broking firm offering a PMS, and there can be conflict of interest, however, our research and PMS team is giving proper focus to its PMS clients to increase their returns on corpus invested.